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Welcome to  At New York Business Technology we guarantee to deliver an unparalleled level of customer care, support, and assistance.  Since our beginning in 1978, we have been offering a full suite of IT products and services to businesses in the New York area. New York Business Technology is a leading provider of remote and on-site computer repairs, networking and security services, and much more to many leading organizations.

During the last decade, New York Business Technology has continued its evolution without forgetting the legacy of its success.  As a successful and well-capitalized computer systems reseller, value-added reseller and systems integrator, we have earned the loyalty of our employees, the respect of our customers and the admiration of our competitors.

Today, we continue to develop personal and special relationships with our customers.  NY Biztech is able to offer a complete and comprehensive solution for companies information technologies needs great or small.  From equipment to professional services, from staffing to recruitment, from local to international, our company continues to expand the variety and depth of its products and services.

Strength in our company derives from our knowledgeable staff that is always responsive to the ever changing world of information technology. We fulfill our mission confident in our abilities, sensitive to the specific needs of each our customers and valued by our vendors.  A team ready to adapt, evolve and overcome in the new age of information technology.

Thank you for visiting Please feel free to call us at (212) 832-9650 or contact page.


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"I'm happy to say that you continue to provide excellent and efficient service. Without your assistance i would be lost. Thank you for all your help."

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